North Central Christian Church – San Antonio

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Sunday #27 – North Central Christian Church, 1300 Evans Road, San Antonio, TX 78258

Why this Church?

Ever since my best friend in high school said that she went to a Christian church, I’d wondered about the faith. I wondered how the “Christian” church became more Christian than other Christian churches and took on the name. In this service, I learned that they are also known as the Disciples of Christ.

This church had advertised with a flyer in the Welcome Wagon package I received when I moved to San Antonio, so it was a no-brainer that I would choose this Christian church.

Unfortunately, all my notes from this service have been lost. I’ve drug my feet on making this post, because I hate relying on my memory. This may be a short post. <smile>


photo 1-16      I arrived on time (phewwww) and several people immediately greeted me. As I took my seat in one of the cushioned chairs, people quickly came over to introduce themselves. Arriving several minutes before the service, I had the opportunity to visit with an older couple beside me who gave me a bit of information about the church.

The church has been in this north side of San Antonio for about 10 years and had been a church plant from a larger church in another part of San Antonio. It draws from the many subdivisions that surround the Stone Oak area of San Antonio.

The auditorium was rather stark in design, as most church plants tend to be for a while. The people varied in age, but I found this service to be filled with a bit more elderly people than I’d expected. Yep….older than me. (Will wonders ever cease?)

Service Begins

A small band hit the first few notes and I immediately smiled when I realized that this would be my first Western type band to play. I’d been wondering when I’d find some Western sounding music and this was a complete surprise. The main singer was wonderful and the backup voices had just the right pitch. Unlike most of the churches I’ve been in lately, we only had to stand for a few songs and then got to sit down and listen. That was awesome! May have to come back to this church again.

Announcements came after the music and I loved how relaxed everyone seemed – sharing additional information and kidding the pastor from the back of the room. Yes, this truly was a friendly crowd! He asked for messages of gratitude from the week and information about additional people who might need prayer. We learned that one man’s daughter was in labor at the time and he hoped to have a grand baby by the end of the day. Another woman had just retired, others had family members in the military that were coming home and finally a woman said her daughter had just become engaged. The daughter was an anchor person at a TV station and her beau surprised her by asking her on the air after she gave the unsuspecting lead in to the story. That viral video went around the world and landed them in one of the London newspapers.

After a few more songs and the passing of the plate, it was time for the main event.

Time for the Message

Rev. Don Tuttle gave Sunday’s message that he generously sprinkled with a good bit of scripture from both the Old and New Testament. Without my notes, I’m completely lost about this particular sermon. But it was good.

After the message and more songs came the Lord’s Supper. The only difference I found in the Christian church is that the wine (grape juice) and bread (chicklet-sized crackers) were distributed together with the wine samples around the outside of the tray and the crackers on the inside. As the deacons served the Lord’s Supper, each church member drank the grape juice then chose a piece of cracker, then ate and drank before passing it on to the next person. That slowed things down a bit. But it all works!

After the Lord’s Supper, some of the young people were called to the center of the auditorium for their commissioning and prayers for a safe journey on an upcoming mission trip.

Then everyone was dismissed.

Post Service Thoughts

I found this congregation to be exceptionally friendly. People from all ethnicities were in attendance and no matter what you wore – jeans, dresses, shorts – you’d feel completely comfortable.

The Christian church is very similar to others, but I like this one’s laid back feel.

What’s Next?

Due to family being in town and work obligations, I’ve taken two weeks off, so now I have to put the pedal to the metal to make up for lost time. Might have to take in two services this week – a Jewish one on Friday or Saturday and another on Sunday. Maybe this time, I won’t lose my notes!


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