HolySoup Blog Re-Post about “Why They Don’t Sing in Church Anymore”

Over the past 20 SteepleStretch weeks, I’ve shared my disappointment in the disappearance of hymnals from the back of church pews. Today, a friend posted a link to an interesting blogger who recently discussed why no one is singing in churches any more. I thought he brought up some interesting points and thought I’d share that with SteepleStretch readers.


So, do you let the singers on stage do all the singing for you, and how do you feel about that? Miss the old hymns, or do you prefer the new music from the band? Comment below.





2 comments on “HolySoup Blog Re-Post about “Why They Don’t Sing in Church Anymore”

  1. Catherine McDermand says:

    I am still enjoying your posts about all these different religions/worship services.
    As to the singing (or not) in church. I am sure this is taking place in a lot of places. Fortunately, your friend, Don, is mixing up the music service with some new praise songs, which we are handed the words to, when we are handed our bulletin, with a new hymn every once in awhile and with some of the old familiar ones, which everyone knows the words to. The choir, all 15 to 20 of us do two cantatas a year, at Christmas and at Easter. Otherwise, we do not have a choir. Our resident guitarist (who is very talented) often plays for the offering. Sometimes he and Don sing and play together and any time someone wants to present special music, they can. Come visit us sometime. I think you will be plesantly surprised.

    • mhn125 says:

      I’d love to do that, Catherine! When I find myself near Beaumont, I’ll definitely make it happen. Glad to hear that Don is still there and leading you all.

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